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Below you can find helpful information about garbage, recycling & compost/ yard debris collection.


We provide 35,60 & 90 gallon roll carts as well as 1 to 6 cubic yard containers.


Preparing your Garbage Guide

Keep these out of your Garbage:

✔ Computer Towers

✔ TVs

✔ Hazardous Materials such as:

  • Medical Waste
  • batteries & paint
  • propane tanks
  • compact fluorescent light bulbs.



We provide 35,60 & 90 Gallon labeled roll carts for co-mingled recycling as well as for glass. Containers in 1 to 6 cubic yards are also available.


Preparing your Recycling Guide

Keep these items out of your Recycling:

✔  Plastic bags

✔  Non-rigid plastics such as:

  • clamshells
  • light bulbs
  • drinking glasses
  • hazardous materials.

REMEMBER: All materials can be mixed together EXCEPT for glass – glass needs to be kept separate.


We provide 35, 60 & 90 gallon roll carts for yard debris and 35 or 60 gallon roll carts for food compost.


Preparing your Compost/Yard Debris Guide

Keep these out of your Compost/ Yard Debris:

✔ Plastic bags

✔ Dirt

✔ Pet waste



Helpful Tips: 

✔ Sprinkle baking powder in your roll cart to reduce odor & deter insects & rodents

✔ Do not pack contents tightly – contents must fall freely from the roll cart.

✔ Prepare extra yard debris correctly & watch the weight limits.

  •      32 gallon can with decal = 55 lbs
  •      30 gallon kraft paper bags = 45 lbs
  •      Bundles secured with string or twine = 45 lbs