Maywood Park

***Effective November 1st, 2016 the City of Maywood has opted to increase yard debris pick up to weekly service. Food scraps still DO NOT go into the yard debris roll cart. Garbage and recycling are also picked up weekly. Please make sure all carts are at the curb by 6:00am on collection day.***

Service LevelMonthly Rate, Curbside PickupPer Unit or Per PickupNon-Curb Surcharge
Excess Distance
Weekly Pickup & Cans
Minican (20 gallon)26.75      3.351.10
One 32 gallon30.00      3.351.10
Two 32 gallon36.75      6.702.20
Three 32 gallon43.45      10.053.30
Four 32 gallon50.05      13.404.40
Weekly Pickup — Roll carts (Hauler Provided)
One 35 gallon31.55   
Two 35 gallon39.90   
Three 35 gallon48.25   
Four 35 gallon56.75   
One 60 gallon36.95   
Two 60 gallon50.20   
Three 60 gallon63.25   
Four 60 gallon76.35   
One 90 gallon42.55   
Two 90 gallon60.90   
Three 90 gallon79.25   
Four 90 gallon97.55   
Weekly Pickup & Containers
One 1.0 cubic yard87.70   
One 1.5 cubic yard119.05   
One 2.0 cubic yard150.15   
Yard Debris & Extra Can/Bag /Bundle 3.00  
On Call Yard Debris One Time Collection N/A   
Yard Debris Extra Cart9.95   
Recycling only, weekly collection
(no yard debris)7.44   
Recycling – Extra Cart2.94   
One 32 gallon can monthly (includes regular recycling and yard debris collection)20.50 .80.25
One 35 gallon roll cart monthly21.80 .80.25
One 32 gallon can on-call (includes garbage pickup only)
Occasional Extra (can or bag)
Clean Up Containers
One 1.0 cubic yard 79.65  
One 1.5 cubic yard 88.05  
One 2.0 cubic yard 96.40  
Special Pickup or Callback (yard debris or garbage) 7.95  
Roll cart delivery(1) 11.25  

(1) The roll cart delivery fee may be charged only where it is the second (or greater) delivery of a roll cart within a one year period.

Weekly Collection for:DuplexTri-plexFour-plex
Container service – where can/cart/container is shared by residents of 2, 3 or 4 units.
One shared 35 gallon roll cart35.79N/AN/A
One shared 60 gallon roll cart35.7945.24N/A
One shared 90 gallon roll cart43.3947.8454.99
One shared 1 cubic yard container88.5492.9997.44
One shared 1.5 cubic yard container119.89124.34128.79
One shared 2.0 cubic yard container150.99155.44159.89
Multiple containers: These rates apply where all cans/carts are placed together in a single location at curbside for pickup. Where unshared cans/carts are located separately at curbside for pickup then each is considered a separate account, charged at single-family rate.
Two 32 gallon cans37.5943.44N/A
Three 32 gallon cans44.2948.7453.59
Four 32 gallon cans50.8955.3459.79
Two 35 gallon roll carts40.7445.8952.74
Three 35 gallon roll carts49.0953.5457.99
Four 35 gallon roll carts57.5962.0466.49
Two 60 gallon roll carts51.0455.4959.94
Three 60 gallon roll carts64.0968.5472.99
Four 60 gallon roll carts77.1981.6486.09
Two 90 gallon roll carts61.7466.1970.64
Three 90 gallon roll carts80.0984.5488.99
Four 90 gallon roll carts98.39102.84107.29

• N/A services are not available.

• Non-curbside service is available at small multiplexes for can and roll carts at an additional monthly charge of $3.35 per can and $6.95 per roll cart. Excess distance charge for a can is $1.10. Excess distance charge for a roll cart is $2.30.

• For yard debris services, extra cans, bags or bundles are $3.00 each and accrue on a per account, rather than per unit, basis.