Behind The Scenes

Two Young Fans Learned About Garbage Trucks With Jimmy Heiberg

Heiberg Garbage is proud to be a service provider for many talented young artists. Please take a moment to look at some of their very impressive artwork! Click here. We love our customers!

Fan art

Office Animals

If you have ever stopped by our office, you’re sure to recognize these faces!

Izzy is an 8 year old female tabby cat that grew up in Corvallis wtih Jessi Heiberg while Jessi attended college. Izzy now lives at the office full time & has no shame about stretching out across someones keyboard to get a few pets!

Lexi & Bo are mini Australian shepards who both belong to Jessi as well. Lexi is 8 years old and Bo is 5 years old. Both of them love “going to work” at the office everyday and though they bark a lot when someone enters the office, they are quick to roll on the ground and show you their bellies in hopes of getting some attention. Softies beware!Lucky is a 6 year old, three legged toy Australian Shepard. He belongs to Bruce & Kris Heiberg. Lucky hangs out in the office one to three days a week when kris is there. (And no, he didn’t get the name Lucky after losing a leg- he was named that before.)

Here is the newest member of the Heiberg Family, Addison! She is the daughter of Jimmy and Alexandra and is the 4th Generation of the Heiberg Garbage Family. Addison loves hanging out in the office with family. Her onesies says “have you hugged your garbage man today?” and “trashman”.