Residential Garbage

Helpful Information About Your Garbage Pick Up Collection

  • Collection Schedule: Make sure to place your garbage cart at the curb on pick up day by 6 AM or the night before. Find your personalized schedule here. You can also sign up to receive emails and/or text message reminders when your pick up day is approaching!

  • Rates: Every year the City of Portland sets all residential garbage, recycling and compost/yard debris rates. Click here to visit the City of Portland’s page for more information. Do note there is a rate difference due to terrain between the east and west side of Portland.

  • Extra Bags & Cans: Extra garbage can be placed at the curb next to your regular garbage cart in bags and/or cans up to 32 gallons in size. Each extra is usually $5 each and should not weigh over 55 lbs.

  • Missed Collection: If your garbage was not picked up on your regular collection day due to the driver missing it or you forgot to set it out, please call our office within 2 business days to remedy the issue.

  • Cans/Carts and Weight Limits: Garbage roll carts are provided by Heiberg Garbage & Recycling and come in sizes of 20, 35, 60 or 90 gallons (20 gallon roll carts are 35 gallon carts with a modified insert in them). Some customers are currently providing their own 20 gallon mini can (35 lbs weight limit) or 32 gallon can (55 lbs weight limit) – these service levels have been grandfathered in but are gradually being phased out. See the picture below to help you decide which roll cart is right for your service.

  • Bulky/Large Items: We can pick up items that are too large for your garbage cart (furniture, appliances, couches, etc). Call our office to schedule a special pick up and discuss charges.

  • Clean Up Containers/Drop Boxes: See Drop Boxes/Containers section for more information.

  • Holiday Schedule: Our drivers work all holidays except for Christmas Day and New Years Day. If your collection day falls on one of these holidays, your collection day will be pushed back one day. Pick up the rest of the week will also be pushed back one day (ie normal pick up day is Thursday, holiday pick up will be Friday – normal pick up day is Friday, holiday pick up will be Saturday).

  • Severe Weather: When collection is delayed by severe weather, our first priority is to collect garbage since it is not picked up as frequently as all other material. Heiberg Garbage & Recycling will make every effort to pick up your garbage before your next collection day. This means evening and/or weekend collection may become necessary so please make sure to leave your garbage at the curb to give us every opportunity to empty your cart. If your garbage is not able to be picked up, we will collect double the volume on your next regularly scheduled collection day at no additional charge.

Can Weight Limits

  • 20 gallon can = 35 lbs

  • 20 gallon cart = 60 lbs

  • 32 gallon can = 55 lbs

  • 35 gallon cart = 85 lbs

  • 60 gallon cart = 135 lbs

  • 90 gallon cart = 175 lbs

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What Can't I Throw Away?

  • Computer Towers

  • TVs

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Medical Waste

  • Batteries & paint

  • Propane tanks

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs